Class 2 - ׽ͼ: Specialist services & support for young people facing adversity


How ׽ͼ Delivers Our Functions And Services

2.1. Operational structure, plans and reports
2.2. List of Services
2.3. School Improvement Plans
2.4. Internal staff procedures
2.5. Policies
2.6. How to access our services
2.7. Fees and charging for services
2.8. Our social enterprises

2.1. Operational Structure, Plans And Reports

Please see for our Operational Structure shows a more detailed structure of our services and units.

Service Integration:

All services from our primary school to our 16+ employment and training services are carefully designed to maximise seamless integration, meaning that young people can move between our different services with real continuity of care from staff who understand the importance of a holistic approach to development.

For more information on our Integrated Services, please see

For details on our Youth Training and Employment Enterprises please see

2.2. List of Services


׽ͼ’s Residential Services are for looked after young people (12-18) who have been referred to us by local authorities from across Scotland.  The young people have a complex range of needs and have often experienced trauma or neglect. Because we understand that the needs of each child are different, we take a tailored approach, personalising our care in order to ensure the best possible outcomes for disadvantaged young people.  We recognise that young people need good basic care but that this is not enough and we also have to strive to make a difference in their lives.  ׽ͼ has developed its own Outcomes Measurement tool based on the SHANARRI wellbeing indicators and Curriculum for Excellence to track the progress of the young people.

More information can be found at: /our-services/residential/

Secure Care Services

׽ͼ’s Secure Care Services provide a safe environment for young people (aged 12-18) at risk of harming themselves or others.

Young people at a point of crisis are referred to our Safe Centre, either via a referral from the Children’s Panel or a court order and stay in one of our three units that house a maximum of six young people.

More information relating to secure and close support can be found at: /our-services/secure-care/


׽ͼ’s Education Services offer tailored primary and secondary education to children and young people who require support to stay engaged with learning. Throughout primary school and S1-S3 of the broad general education at secondary we develop the knowledge, skills and experience required to sustain education, training or employment. In the senior phase, or for those aged 16 +, we offer the chance to combine valuable work experience with studying for academic and vocational qualifications at The Skills Academy.

More information relating to education and youth training can be found at: /our-services/education/

Intensive Fostering

When foster care is the best alternative to living with family, our fostering services provide homes for children and young people, supporting both the children and the carer in this placement.

Please see /our-services/fostering/ for more information.

Care Home Services

Arran Villa is a residential care home and pre-fostering service that supports children between the ages of five to 12. It provides an early intervention service for up to five children at any time, who have been affected by adversity or trauma.

Please see /our-services/care-home-services/ for more information.

Adult Placement Services

Adult Placement Services (APS) provide fostering and support for young adults between the ages of 18-25. This can be a challenging time for young adults as they transition from education into employment, while managing greater responsibilities such as personal finances, relationships or sustaining a job.Please see /our-services/fostering/ for more information.

Community Housing

Community Housing provides accommodation for young people ready to take the first step towards independent living. Young people have the opportunity to develop the skills they will need to live independently, for example support with employment, education, budgeting and cooking.

Please see /our-services/community-housing-services/ for more information.

Day Placement and Outreach Services

Day Placement and Outreach Services provide an alternative way for young people, based in their local communities, to access ׽ͼ’s education programme. There are various reasons why previous schooling has perhaps not worked for our day pupils. ׽ͼ offers help to primary and secondary pupils, and those at The Skills Academy, to stay engaged with learning, ultimately supporting them to achieve a positive destination.

We also offer additional support to young people who are awaiting a residential place and for young people in crisis within the community, assisting them to work through any issues and potentially avoid more serious interventions. We place great emphasis on developing the social skills of young people, and aim to help them reintegrate into their local community.

Please see /our-services/day-placement-outreach-services-2/ for more information.

Young Workforce Development (YWD)

In line with Scotland’s Youth Employment Strategy, our range of young workforce development (YWD) programmes gives young people the opportunity to gain qualifications and real-life work experience through tailored education and supported employment. At present we offer 12 YWD programmes aimed at young people in ׽ͼ’s care, young people from the community facing barriers to employment, students and more.

׽ͼ operates a flexible and bespoke system based on the needs and strengths of each young person. Opportunities are individually tailored to each young person, and the challenges they face are taken into account when planning a placement. In addition, there is an ongoing process of tracking, mentoring and support.

Specialist Intervention Services

On admission to ׽ͼ all young people have an assessment with a psychologist within 72 hours to help identify individual needs and inform their care plan. SIS take an integrative approach to providing evidence-based interventions, offering a wide breadth of services to ensure that all young people and their families are getting the support that is right for them, at the right time, using the right therapeutic approach.

The SIS team comprises 12 full-time members of staff across a range of disciplines
including: forensic psychology, health, social work, counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT), art therapy, and systemic family therapy. All staff are qualified to postgraduate level or above and registered with relevant professional bodies.

More information can be found at /specialist-intervention-services/

2.3. School Improvement Plans

2.4. Internal Staff Procedures

All staff procedures are developed to comply with current legislation and best practice in their relevant disciplines.  As operationally sensitive material is included in these procedures, they will not be available as part of the publication scheme.  If information relating to staff procedures is required, please submit a freedom of information request.

2.5. Policies

Safeguarding Policy

Workstation Security Policy

Email and Internet Policy

Quality Assurance Policy

Data Protection Policy

Data Security Breach Management Policy

Health and Safety Policy

Operational Management Roles and Remit

Complaints Policy

No Smoking Policy

Childrens Rights Policy

Environmental & Sustainability Policy

2.6. How To Access Our Services:

׽ͼ’s care and education support plans are carefully designed to meet the needs of each child and young person and their care plan requirements.  Every support plan is tailored for the individual young person.

Please use the following form when making a referral:

For further information on how to make a referral, please see our website at:

We look forward to welcoming all children and young people to their ׽ͼ placement and are happy to answer any questions you have about the process.

2.7. Fees And Charging For Services

Placements are made under the Scotland Excel framework. Fees agreed via consultation with COSLA and Scotland Excel

Placements can be accepted out with the framework.

2.8. Our Social Enterprises

As part of our role in offering Employment and Training Services, we have a number of social enterprises that offer services to the Paisley and Renfrewshire community while providing supported employment to young people.

We have several businesses based at our Skills Academy:

Community Garden

Grows fresh seasonal and local produce in a sustainable kitchen garden. Visit the dedicated website for lots of information, including composting work. Not currently selling to the public.


The Guild-Commended Framer at Frameworks offers a first-class, reputable, impressive picture framing service to customers at a range of competitive prices. All frames are hand-made and suited to the customer’s individual requirements.


Offers all aspects of horticultural work, from garden maintenance to hard and soft landscaping.


In addition to serving a selection of hot and cold lunches to the ׽ͼWorks staff group and visitors, Knibbles tenders externally for private and public functions. For these events, cold buffets are prepared and delivered to customers, ranging from social enterprises to charities and members of the public. The buffets are priced per head and there are a number of menu options.


MowerWorks carries out all aspects of repair and service to grass-cutting machinery. Our services are aimed at members of the public in and around Renfrewshire, including landscaping businesses and local authorities. Each job is individually assessed and priced.


Vehicle mechanics business offering a complete range of services to drivers including MOTs, tyres and full valet service.