Visitor Information - ׽ͼ: Specialist services & support for young people facing adversity


׽ͼ can accommodate visitors and meetings either in-person or through video technology; the arrangements for these events will normally be made and agreed in advance.

Visitors are made to feel welcome at ׽ͼ with our friendly staff team happy to help.

Most meetings are held within our Paisley campus on Goudie Street. When planning your visit, please double-check the address for which ׽ͼ service you are seeing.

Visiting the Safe Centre

Our Safe Centre can also agree and arrange to meet in-person or online. For in-person meetings, visitors to the Safe Centre will be invited to be screened using a Security Body Scanner which is contactless, safe, and automatically detects potential prohibited items. In the interest of preserving privacy, the scanner does not produce any images of the person being screened.

Where it is assessed that a body scan cannot be undertaken due to an individual’s extenuating circumstances or where it is impractical, the person will be offered an alternative method of search.

Should an individual not commit to any of the search methods, they will not be permitted to enter the security restricted area of the Safe Centre.

Further information on what to expect can be found in the Visitor Information Leaflet.

There is also a version of the Information Leaflet which was co-produced by young people alongside Who Cares? Scotland. Access the Young Person’s Information Leaflet.

In the interest of safety and security, all visitors will be asked by staff to observe the prohibited and restricted items list which is publicly displayed. This may involve certain items not being allowed into the Safe Centre.

Further information on the list can be found here.