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Safe Crisis Management (SCM) training equips employees with the skills to safely and confidently manage challenging behaviour through non-physical intervention techniques. ׽ͼ adopted the Safe Crisis Management® programme in 2004.

We are affiliated with  and work in partnership with , the original founder of the SCM programme, to exclusively deliver training throughout Europe.

Sometimes people act and behave in a way that puts themselves and/or others at risk. SCM training shows how these unwanted incidents can be avoided, and the ways to manage and de-escalate dangerous or aggressive behaviour. It demonstrates techniques for encouraging positive behaviour choices, and offers training on what needs to happen once the incident is over.

The Importance of SCM Training

There are a range of benefits associated with training including:

  • Safety – ensuring the safety of an individual and others around them has to be a top priority for all organisations.
  • Responsibility – staff need to be equipped with the skills to manage crisis behaviour and de-escalate volatile situations quickly and effectively.
  • Improved outcomes – for schools, consistency in teacher delivery could encourage a pupil to remain engaged in learning for longer, ultimately having a positive impact on the pupil’s future.
  • Employee wellbeing – adequate training could lead to reduced levels of stress.
  • Maximised workplace productivity – stress reduction could have a positive impact on absence figures and/or staff turnover, with potential for cost savings as a result.

Programme Delivery

Training is delivered by qualified professionals and is:

  • Diverse – ranging from initial training, refresher courses, functional behaviour analysis, or tailored programmes.
  • Bespoke – training is customised to meet the needs of the organisation.
  • Flexible – courses vary in length from a few hours to in-depth training that lasts a number of weeks.
  • Designed for busy schedules – training is delivered when it’s convenient, whether this is an in-service day, a twilight session (4-6pm), or other suitable time.

Further Information

To find out more about our Safe Crisis Management Programme, please email, or call us on 0141 889 0044